Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things to do in August

Reno has something of a love affair with classic cars, rock n’ roll and those cute little hot pink, tulle-tastic, 50’s skirts with the poodles on them. It’s a love affair that pushed forward on August 1, 1986 into the first ever accumulation of classic cars and hot rods Reno had ever seen and was […]

Renossance Man and margarita

Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things to do in July 2016

Well what do you know – it’s time for me to bust out my American flag Speedo and make a trip to Costco and stock up on my wet naps for Wing Fest. Is it really already July? Time sure flies with a mustache like this. Artown — With music, art, dance and other artistic […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things to Do in June

There is no better day than Father’s Day to tell Dad that you really do wish you would have listened to him about those hard-learned life lessons… and on the first time too. June is also the perfect time to celebrate Father’s Day. With all the ‘dad’ gifts like fishing equipment, BBQ accessories, sports attire, […]


Renossance Man’s Top 13 Things to do in May

When the weather warms up and the skies are blue, this little Renossance heart truly comes out to celebrate the great place in which I reside. My belly is ready for crafty libations and my pale skin is itching for the outdoor events. Because I’m old-fashioned, both in dating style and appearance, I keep everything […]


Renossance Man’s Top 12 Things to do in April

April showers bring May Margaritas… I mean flowers. Well, flower-me-excited with this extra-long list of things to do in the Biggest Little City. Like the precipitation we got this winter, there’s so much to get excited about this month in the Renossance. Nevada Young Alumni Beer Fest – Nothing says nostalgia like a Kegger with […]


Renossance Man’s Top 11 Things to Do in March

March always brings the Luck of the Renossance, I always say. And while corn beef and cabbage might not be our thing, Rocky Mountain Oysters and beer… lots of beer… certainly are.  Joel McHale – Because we’re both about a little “Community” and a savory bowl of “Soup.” Live at the Silver Legacy on March […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things To Do in February

Here we are folks – month two of twelve. The month where things come in dozens, like chicken wings for the Big Game, men plan the best date ever… in front of an HD big screen TV, and we all dress to the nines or the ninety nines, if that’s the number you so choose […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things To Do in January

You know that saying, “New Year, New You?” Well, pish posh with that because this year, my resolution is to be the same awesomely awesome individual with great tips about the Biggest Little City. In fact, maybe this year, my tips will be even greater so really, I should be saying “New Year, Awesomer Me!” […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things to Do In December

Ah, another great year in the Renossance is coming to an end. Between bar crawls, barrels of locally-brewed beer, legendary entertainers, bountiful special events and stuffing my face with farm-to-table foods, I’m spent. But, nevertheless, I know you depend greatly on my recommendations, so here you go – the best things to do in Reno […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things To Do in November

Aw November, the month of the turkey, daylight savings, No Shave November – Movember if you will, and a new line up of shows to watch on Netflix. Let us not forget the ever-popular Cook For Your Pet Day (November 1) as well as National Men Make Dinner Day (November 5) though, that last one […]


The Epic Lanternfest Adventure

A raise of the metaphorical hand, who’s going to Lanternfest this weekend? If you’re not, you should and if you’re thinking about it, here are all the quick and dirty details: Lanternfest will be held in Fernley off of the 95A Speedway, 1965 Highway 95A. Saturday, 10/17 is booked full but you’re in luck — […]

UNR Stadium and Renossance Man

Nevada Football

Just in case you’ve been hiding out in some post-apocalyptic, stone age-ish (yet very contemporary) hideout waiting to hear news from the Mayan Calendar’s end-of-days-and-all-that-we-know debacle; Football Season is well under way. Personally, I find this time of year the perfect time to break out my handy margarita and watch as the utter chaos that […]


Andelin Family Farm: The Reno Corn Maze Experience

As it turns out, Reno has all along had an amazing adventure right at its door steps, or perhaps next to it in nearby Spanish Springs. Andelin Family Farm is the local, family run, epic corn maze extravaganza you have been looking for this fall season… or maybe it’s the spectacular outing you didn’t know […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things To Do in October

It’s October, which really can only means one thing; Merry Christmas! No but seriously, someone needs to inform the shops and stores, poor folks have confused Halloween with Santa again… aw well. For everyone else, October is the festive time of year where Fall-Enthusiasts break out the pumpkin-inspired foods, where Game Day fans settle in […]


Crafted Palette

It is a scientifically proven fact that beverages of the adult kind can turn any artistically challenged individual into a modern day Van Gogh. I saw firsthand this wondrous transformation over the weekend at the newly opened Crafted Palette where I was presented with some paint brushes, paint, my very own and very white canvas […]


The Great Reno Balloon Race

Today is national ‘Face Your Fears Day…’ actually, it’s national TV Dinner Day but I’m making the switch, I have a small hunch no one will miss the great day that is national TV Dinner Day anyway…  and even though national Face your Fears Day is theoretically on October 13, for the moment at least, […]

Renossance Man in front of balloon

Renossance Man’s Top 15 Things To Do in September

On a scale from 1 to the Renossance, how ready are you for the great cool down that is September? Personally, and if I were judging myself on this impeccably named scale, I would say I was currently sitting in-between what I would call ‘Autsummer’ and a hard seven which puts me somewhere in the […]


Renossance Man and the Virginia City Experience

This week I left my glorious Home Sweet Dome in search of an adventure… Hobbit style. I traveled in my Silver Legacy van/stagecoach all the way up the windy road to reach Nevada’s roots, the Wild West:  the mighty Virginia City. Ah, where saloons, ghost stories, the Comstock and a whole lotta ‘how it once […]


Suspense Has a Name: Saltoriya

Dubbed a theatrical cirque sensation, Saltoriya is comprised of awe-inspiring feats that would put the very Cirque de Soleil in a frenzy. “Saltoriya is a new show comprising acrobats, daredevil stunts and comedy in an exhilarating, uplifting experience. The show combines feats of athleticism, comedy, original music and choreography to create an awe-inspiring production. It […]


The Joy of the Growler With SixFour Growlers

Reno… wait no, the whole of Nevada can now officially say it has its first stand alone growler station with the newly  opened, SixFour Growlers, proudly serving locals and patrons alike since 2015. This might not seem that long now but wait and read this again in a few years, it’s a blog post in […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things To Do in August

Reno has something of a love affair with classic cars, rock n’ roll and those cute little hot pink, tulle-tastic, 50’s skirts with the poodles on them. It’s a love affair that pushed forward on August 1, 1986 into the first ever accumulation of classic cars and hot rods Reno had ever seen and was […]


Reno Basque Festival

Because you don’t have to leave Reno to experience different cultures, I give you the 47th annual Reno Basque Festival, located in Wingfield Park this glorious (and rain free) weekend – Sunday, July 19. This event will be held from 10am until they kick us out! Which as it turns out, is at 5pm. Expect […]


IceCycle Creamery

Some say you can’t buy happiness. I say false because you can buy ice cream and that’s basically the same thing. Ice cream can fix literally anything, it’s kinda like magic… I mean, Harry Potter doesn’t have anything on the powers of ice cream. And besides it being magic, there is also nothing better than […]


Wedge Cheese Shop Brings Flavor

‘Man this rice cake is delicious’ – said no one ever. What is delicious, in my humble opinion – is cheese. Pair that cheese with some local Reno beer and you’ve got a forever fan right here Miss Laura Conrow – owner of Wedge Cheese Shop. Beer and cheese pairing events and classes are exactly […]

Renossance Man_Birthday Hat

Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things To Do in July

There are so many fantastic things to do in July, so many events, festivals… late night excursions. But perhaps one of the most commemorated July festivities is the great Fourth of July: The day where Americans everywhere celebrate our country’s independence. As we celebrate our nation’s freedom, take a moment this Fourth of July to honor […]

Renossance Man wCowboys

Renossance Man and the Reno Rodeo

Howdy partner, Just because we’re all experiencing this great thing that is the Renossance, doesn’t mean we should stray from our traditions. Enter the Reno Rodeo. If you haven’t gotten your tickets to the Wildest Richest Rodeo in the West, don’t fret there lil’ lady… or sir, ya’ll still got one week left to saddle […]


Experience Reno Brew Bike: Cycling Has Never Been So Much Fun

What does one gigantic bike, a unique sightseeing adventure, tasty brewery/pub stops, and one fun yet dependably sober designated driver all have in common? Well that would be Reno’s new destination activity: Reno Brew Bike and I was lucky enough to catch a ride this past weekend… I very much enjoyed the dependably sober designated […]


Where’s the BBQ At? – Pignic Pub & Patio

Summer is officially here… almost here. Technically summer starts on June 21 officially but who monitors ‘officially’ anyway? Calendars I guess… I digress. Summer is non-officially here and with that barbeque enthusiasts have started unloading their extensive grilling machinery, people have started uncovering their patios, summer drink specials have started to fill menu boards across […]


Renossance Man’s Top 10 Things To Do in June

There is no better day than Father’s Day to tell Dad that you really do wish you would have listened to him about those hard-learned life lessons… and on the first time too. June is also the perfect time to celebrate Father’s Day. With all the ‘dad’ gifts like fishing equipment, BBQ accessories, sports attire, […]

Renossance Man_Food Truck

Reno Street Food: Party in the Park – Gourmet Meets Mobile Eateries

“Food is one of those things that transcends culture and language. When you come to Reno Street Food, you can see perfect strangers, striking up conversations about food. Food just has this way of bringing people together” – Steve Schroeder, Owner of Reno Street Food. I recently sat down with Steve Schroeder, the man behind […]


Tap Factory

Tap Factory opens and… it’s toxic. Literally not figurative. Literally, it was a winter wonderland of toxic oil barrels labeled ‘Danger,’ ‘Explosive,’ ‘Flammable,’ ‘Poison’… and of course the one labeled ‘Toxic.” And what do these daredevil men do with these supposedly deadly filled barrels? They play the drums on them of course. Because nothing says […]


Cinco De Mayo Festivities Spectacular

It’s just about Cinco De Mayo time here in Reno, Nevada and that means one thing: Margarita filled festivities. Now you all know how much I enjoy a good Margarita. Blended, on the rocks, straight up, in a shot glass, or once, in what my friends at Rum Bullions called, in a ‘fish bowl.’ It […]


Top 10 Things to do in May

This May I have many high high hopes for you my dear Renoites, but most of all… I hope your hats are big, bright and only a tad bit obstructive, your drinks are minty, full of julep and held in a margarita glass of course, I hope the stakes are high, the winner is a […]


The Vampire Crawl

In a world of humans here so enters the undead. The red eyed, large toothed, abomination of the underworld… cheeky little buggers. And what is better than spending a night with these fine folks than joining them in a dark masquerade? Answer: $3 drink specials. Please join me May 2nd in downtown Reno for the […]

Renossance_Man_Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Reno!

I have one thing to do on my ‘To Do List’ today and it is to ‘Go Green.’ I feel kinda like it’s St. Patrick’s Day again actually, and I love St. Patrick’s Day so, here we go. In the spirit of Earth Day, I’ve come up with some useful, yet completely practical recycling options […]


Welcome to the Sky at the Nevada Museum of Art

“Nevada Museum of Art is here to announce a new expansion to the Museum rooftop… pointing not only to the future of the Museum, but also to the Renossance/Reno Revival/Reno Rebirth we have all been experiencing!” – Amanda Horn, Director of Communications I do love history, I also love all things new, or reinvented, I […]


Two Museums in One Day Extravaganza

After I wrote The Discovery blog last week, I went into something close to, and very much resembling, a mad, Reno museum binge if you will. I couldn’t stop, and I came very close to going completely out of control… personally I blame Spring Fever but I can prove nothing. It got so bad I […]

Discovery Museum-Renossance Man

Why The Discovery Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

It is my goal in life to not only create truly fantastic, attention getting titles that blow your mind and leave you speechless, but also, in no simple words, to create titles that would make me the ultimate, undefeated champion, master and all knowing blog title king that there ever was. Just picturing myself in […]


Top 10 Things to do in April

As none of you may know, one of my all time favorite holidays of the year is approaching. It is an immensely monumental… nay, honorable holiday. A historic day where creativity is tested, where awe-inspiring intelligence is valued and where majestic dedication, patience and perseverance is crucially essential. It is a day where noble escapades […]

Mark Estee (right) and Reno Provisions Staff

Reno Celebrity Chef: Mark Estee and Reno Provisions

Vertical Integration: it’s a tricky word but an easy concept all together. Basically, it’s the practice and idea where the supply chain of an organization, like a restaurant for instance, is owned by that company. This supply chain produces a market-specific service, where the products combine to satisfy a common need. Enter Reno Provisions and […]


Spring Festival Kick Off: Reno Craft Beer Week

Here’s to saying goodbye to Winter colds and hello to Spring pollen, farewell to snow and bonjour to pasty skin, audios to hermit cold town and howdy to Spring cleaning… You get the idea. Personally though, and in my opinion, is saying cheerio to all indoor activities; don’t get me wrong, they’re fun but there […]


The Traditional Irish Experience: Ceol Irish Pub

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some St. Patrick’s Day fun facts… because I’m all about those fun facts: People celebrating St. Patrick’s Day should actually be wearing blue – the official color of St. Patrick. The color green only became associated after the Irish Independence Movement in the late 18th century. […]


Top 10 Things to do in March

  Day Light Savings month: lose an hour or Spring forward? It’s really one of those glass half empty or half full moments if you think about it. For me, it’s full. Yes, I lose an hour of sleep but I don’t really need it anyway what with me being the sexy beast that I […]


Break Through

Imagine with me for a moment that you received the following invitation from the new hit Reno activity brought to you by Reno Break Through: “Imagine being locked in a room full of mystery and you have to figure a way to get out! Every corner, every wall, every drawer contains hints and clues that […]


Reno Wild Life Event at Chapel Tavern

Here’s to celebrating the fortunate geographical abundance… here in Northern Nevada.  Well, minus the lack of snow fall this winter, and the drought to come because of that this summer. But don’t let this be an indicator for next year. Silver lining? Fingers crossed. Alright, so maybe instead, here’s to celebrating the fortunate geographical abundance […]


Idea’s for Valentine’s Day

Skip the predictable this Valentine’s Day and go with something unique, thoughtful and original… because you’re only as original – well, as original as everyone else – who is original. Anyway, in the spirit of being original here are some unique worthy Valentine’s Day ideas that can be sure to knock the socks off of […]

Darla at the SPCA

Date a Dog this Valentine’s Day

Weight loss tip #1: Adopt a dog. They make you walk and interestingly enough, they also can make you run… after them while they chase geese, you, squirrels, mice, you, stationary objects, you. Trust me, it’s a workout, but, it’s a fun one. They also make you lift… them off of sofas, remote controls, that homework […]


Itinerary for the Big Game weekend

The Big Game weekend, or as my friends from my crossfit gym like to call it, the official end date to all New Years diet and fitness resolutions… In my opinion however, why not go out with a loud, no regrets, take no prisoners bang? And who would I be if I didn’t help you […]


Things To Do in February

I’ve been thinking, why does Valentine’s Day signify the entire month of February? What ever happened to sharing, to comradery, to spreading the wealth? Even Thanksgiving moved over for No Shave November. I mean I’ve been looking at the national holidays in this month and there are some pretty… adequate ones… Why can’t February make […]


The Depot – Craft Brewery Distillery

Great Gatsby this is an awesome bar. I must say, I got a little nervous going in at first because back in my Reno’s first days, this bar stood as one of the first courthouses. It then stood magnificently through the prohibition and then, in true Reno fashion; we decided to commemorate the moment by […]

“While I call the Silver Legacy “Home Sweet Dome”, there are lots of other places in the Biggest Little City that I love just as much. They’ve helped kickstart the Renossance, and if you truly want to go big in the Biggest Little City, I highly recommend you pay them a visit. I’m building my list now, but make sure to look for the ‘Official Renossance Approved’ stickers at my favorite spots around town.”
Renossance Man